Army 2nd Ranger Battalion Challenge Coin Grenada/Panama era ENGRAVABLE – BRASS


US Army Ranger Challenge Coins/Keychains

Ranger Battalion Coins/Keychains 

Ranger S5 and Peacekeeper Swag offer these OEM original replacements direct to consumer.  For those of you that have lost or misplaced your original issue, here is your chance to get your hands on your birthright.  We’ll leave it up to you to administer your own elevated pushups or day with a cardboard coin hung around your neck as corrective training.

Peacekeeper swag brings to market only products that pass muster and will refuse all products not to standard.  If this means your order is delayed, then know it is because we made sure to get it RIGHT instead of getting it FAST.

Should you need your own design to product done for your company we are proud to put the best of the best to work.

Honorably at your service.

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