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We Answered the Call...


Opps4Vets Skin in The Game Award

Would like to thank Al Renteira and Opps 4 Vets for their continued ongoing support of our operations.  Summit has been moved ONLINE! 


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Our Processs

After 25 years in the industry we have gathered quite a few amazing networks.  They have all been shut down for a virus, and we turned to our subject matter experts and said let’s help provide America with the goods and services it needs to get online and back in business!  Let’s KEEP AMERICA GOING, because CHANGE did not happen and it is not yet GREAT, but if we can facilitate GREAT CHANGE, the world will be a better place.  Thank you for the call, we have answered it.  Please see our shop page for veteran goods and services we support.


Do you have  good or service?  Are you a small business in the USA?  Are you a veteran?  We are always developing additional supply chains.  Send us your pricing sheets and product lists to associatedartistsgroup@gmail.com and our staff will review it.  If selected you will be directly contacted by our product development team.  Or call us at 310-980-7069.

Second year SKIN IN THE GAME!