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The purpose of the original “Vet Talks Program” is to provide an opportunity for veterans to educate and elevate themselves with regard to veteran resources. In the future, the name will be the Reaching New Heights Foundation Vet Talks (RNHF Vet Talks) Program which envisions incorporating other communities in need. 

RNHF Vet Talks Program is a Three-Stage approach to help curb veteran and first responder suicide and homelessness by helping veterans and first responders find and access to help in an effort to achieve balanced mental health and financial independence. The program reaches the community through direct outreach and communication.

NOTE: 2020-2021 Beta testing proved successful in Stages 1, 2, 3 (see below definitions of Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3). The RNHF Vet Talks Program program will be exclusive to Sgt Major Gregory Coker’s Reaching New Heights Foundation (RNHF), a Riverside, California local 501c3 NONPROFIT whose mission is “serving those who served”.

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