U-Smell-It-Rapid-Covid-Testing- FDA device


We have created a team of multinational scientists and global industry giants to develop a test to identify olfactory dysfunction. Our aim is to detect the loss of smell with daily testing anywhere, anytime.

Our pledge is that every u-Smell-it test sold, we will donate another to a developing country.

Validation comes from science.

Why target smell? Our nose knows

Our nose is where viruses can enters and multiply, therefor wiping out one’s ability to smell.  For instance in Covid-19 the CDC has shown that loss of smell is as an early symptom that is better associated with Covid-19 than any other symptom. It was reported here that >80% of asymptomatic people have a partial loss of smell that can only be detected with a sensitive olfactory test.

U-Smell-It-Rapid-Covid-Testing- FDA device